Real Estate

Most of the Real Estate companies face lot of issues and bottle necks in managing their entire business lifecycle because of inconsistent flow of information in their end to end business chain which ultimately hampers their bottom line.

With our Real Estate Management Rapid-Deployment solution, powered by SAP and as well as on Customised Platform, Real Estate firms can implement and automate their entire business process in a faster & strategic way to get complete visibility.

Our Solutions provide support for end-to-end construction and investment management, lease and space management, and maintenance and repair. It helps Real Estate firms to develop, construct, operate, and deploy property and make costs more visible and controllable, supporting you to successfully face challenges from compliance, sustainability, and competitive pressure.

Client Challenges

  • Operational excellence & scalability
  • Full portfolio insight and comprehensive legal compliance
  • Monitoring of real estate processes and operations expenditures.
  • Customer Service
  • Collaboration with vendors & service providers
  • Production & Project Management



Deep expertise in application enhancements, custom solution implementation for handling compliance challenges, shrinking project cost management & increasing customer satisfaction


Apps that enables Real Estate firms and brokers to effectively work with their field employees, increase customer enquiry and achieve better RoI


Solution to efficiently manage & connect every facet of your business such as sales, finance, production, inventory, service and customer relations


Solution to manage your sales enquiries, follow-ups, call scheduling, document delivery and tracking customer field visits, and post sales payment collection activities and efficient inventory management

Property Management

Complete suite of solution for property managers to seamlessly manage financials, business operations and leasing functions and community association management needs.

Document Management

Our solutions capture, manage, store and automate the distribution of business critical information and data for anytime and anywhere access

Lease Management

Single point to access all your lease information and documentation resulting in improved decision making, increase business performance, drive efficiencies and gaining better financial control.


Interactive portals integrated with Google Maps and complex search functions to perform listing of properties for sale, rent, or lease by owners or brokers and branding of projects and properties

Projects Management

Designed to control project costs and track the project development schedules effectively reducing organizational risks and optimizing cash flow management.

Custom Project and procurement management application for Project wise budgeted costing & variance analysis and sales monitoring