Today in this tech world, students, educators and management are looking forward to a future where a complete new experience of dissemination of learning is preparing to get unfolded before them.

In this modern era, the educators have to regularly face the ever inquisitive and agile students and parents who demand faster learning, pervasive classrooms and ability to track performance and results across the learning cycle.

Client Challenges

  • Reducing administrative costs
  • Impact of virtual educational institutions
  • Infrastructure build up and maintenance
  • Student mobility, training & recruitment
  • Increased accountability and regulation
  • Content management
  • Asset management
  • Increased ROI
  • Talent & workforce management
  • Student enrolment
  • Remote mass learning infrastructure



Gain deep understanding of every facets of your business operation by converting data into actionable intelligence and improve performance.

Student Relationship Management

Solutions to connect students with your educational institutions and provide them with the right information at the right time.


Our solutions create an enriching learning experience for your students; thereby improving their productivity &efficiency and improved collaboration with staff and faculty.

Asset & Infrastructure

Helping you to gain better control of your assets, get informed about lost assets, comply audit requirements and track depreciation.


Helping organisations effectively manage and disseminate information among students, parents, staff and vendors thereby effectively reducing costs, increased convenience, and faster transaction times.

Document Management

Our solutions capture, manage, store and automate the distribution of business critical information and data for anytime and anywhere access.

Online & Mobile

Enterprise level extensible and scalable performance driven applications for web & mobile platforms with robust and fail proof architecture.

SWOT Assessment

With our solution organisations can easily simplify their decision making process and also optimize their business planning functions.

Talent & Workforce Management

Our software provides you with the tools you need to align your workforce with your business goals and ensure that your organisations human resources are ready for future challenges

Management System

Hassle free management of entire academic and administrative process of an institution for the benefit of educators, parents, students and staff.

Performance dashboard at Factory & Regional Offices comprising of parameters & reports of, Kaizen, Quality Circle, 5S & Six Sigma

POS and Retail Management System for Sreeleathers franchisees and own stores across India

Android mobile app integrated with CRM for field sales personnel that let them enter sales data on the fly.

Employee intranet &integrated office software for all the non-transactional aspects of Vikram Solar’s business