Health Care

The growing global economy along with a boost in disposable income has resulted in a demand for quality healthcare over the last few years. Consequently, the global healthcare industry is booming. There has also been a remarkable increase in healthcare public investments on a global scale.

However, the flip side of this growth is the lack of quality care delivery and an integrated healthcare ecosystem.

Client Challenges

  • Effective management of diseases
  • Patient data confidentiality
  • Lowering administrative costs
  • Supply cost and service delivery optimization
  • Clinical data analytics
  • Pilferage and fraud identification
  • Recognizing cost-effective treatment methods
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Claims management
  • Human Resource
  • Recognizing new revenue and business opportunities


Online & Mobility

Enterprise level extensible and scalable performance driven applications for web & mobile platforms with robust and fail proof architecture.

Medical Tourism

Solutions for multiple stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem consisting of medical &wellness tourism promoters, government agencies, healthcare providers, insurance companies and medical tourism facilitators.


Enabling healthcare providers to optimize and improve their patient acquisition and referral process thereby helping them with quicker and easier patient on boarding, swift responsiveness, greater patient satisfaction, lower costs and better utilization rates.

Patient Self-service

Business solutions to manage healthcare expenses, increase collections, reduce costs and improving patient experience.


Helping organisations implement Custom ERP and VTiger CRM and integrating them with clinical and non-clinical modules of Integrated Healthcare Management suites thereby increasing profitability.

Preventive Maintenance

Solutions for tracking and monitoring repairs and service needs, ensuring regulatory compliance and patient and staff safety and improving equipment life.

Talent & Workforce Management

Our software provides you with the tools you need to align your workforce with your business goals and ensure that your organisations human resources are ready for future challenges.

Document Management

Our solutions capture, manage, store and automate the distribution of business critical information and data for anytime and anywhere access.

Integrated Healthcare Management

The solution enables healthcare providers to improve challenges faced during patient care and improve on outcomes thereby significantly improving the bottom-line of the Institution.

Hospital Management System integrated with custom application for managing clinical revenue & HR management functions

Developed custom portal for handling sales promos of entire range of Rupa’s products

Magento based healthcare marketplace for a London based healthcare & pharmacy products retailer

Custom Project and procurement management application for Project wise budgeted costing & variance analysis and sales monitoring