Food Processing

One of the most promising industries in India which is growing at an unprecedented rate is the food processing industry, providing economic, nutritional and social benefits to a large part of the population.

The processed food reaching to the consumers follows a long and complex process starting from the collection of raw materials milk from a variety of sources. Since food is a consumable product, it has to pass thorough number of quality checks and parameters till it is declared fit for consumption.

MegathermITS has implemented business applications for some of the leading processed food producers names in the country using solutions from SAP & Microsoft thereby making life easy for each entity in the value chain.

Client Challenges

  • Sales process
  • Planning and operation
  • Service
  • Accurate payments to milk suppliers
  • Improper decisions on selling rates and procurement rates
  • Multiple data entry points
  • Non availability of financial and operational information
  • Inventory management
  • Statutory obligations
  • Maintaining product consistency
  • Eliminating wastage
  • Efficient logistics management


Supply Chain Management

Our solutions capture, manage, store and automate the distribution of business critical information and data for anytime and anywhere access.


Helping organisations implement Custom ERP and VTiger CRM Solutions for increasing profitability.


Gain deep understanding of every facets of your business operation by converting data into actionable intelligence and improve performance.

Enterprise Asset

Helping you to gain better control of your assets, get informed about lost assets, comply audit requirements and track depreciation, asset usage and maintenance.

Milk Collection

Solutions tailor made to automate the collection and procurement process thereby eliminating errors and inconstancies in the entire value chain.


Enabling your customers, employees, customers and target groups to receive data, information and applications to remain productive.

Developed Drupal multisite portals for all business units of West Coast Papers