EPC Projects

Today’s the world is having an insatiable thirst for growth and the engineering procurement and construction industry has to overcome lot of issues such as of constant material price fluctuation, shortage of skilled resources, project overruns, etc. in order to fulfil their promise of successful project execution and delivery to make their clients happy.

The enterprises are increasingly looking towards faster, sustainable and safer methods of construction, innovation in project delivery modes, best procurement practices, as well as sound project management practices in the EPC industry so that they can sure that their projects are in safe and competent hands.

Client Challenges

  • Managing time and cost overruns
  • Manpower management
  • Managing machinery and material
  • Having an appealing & relevant assortment
  • Vendor management & procurement
  • Increased production, transportation and investment costs
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Project monitoring & control
  • Operational efficiency
  • 360 Degree view of projects
  • Managing risks


Development & Maintenance

Since no two supply chains are identical, we develop highly customizable applications that are easy to use, powerful and finally meet the specific supply chain needs of your manufacturing business

Intelligence & Analytics

Gain deep understanding of every facets of your EPC business operation by converting data into actionable intelligence and improve performance.


Helping organisations implement Custom ERP Solutions for increasing profitability in the entire business process by maintaining effective synchronisation among Admin, Maintenance, Procurement, Material and Contracts and other key departments.

Time & Expense
Tracking Solution

An essential application to accurately track time and expenses with respect to a specified project task for better cash flow management at project level.

Document Management

Our solutions capture, manage, store and automate the distribution of business critical information and data for anytime and anywhere access.

Enterprise Asset

Helping you to gain better control of your assets, get informed about lost assets, comply audit requirements and track depreciation.


Enterprise level extensible and scalable performance driven applications for mobile platforms with robust and fail proof architecture for dealers and end users.

Works Management

Helpful for organising a work in to categories, building realistic schedules and providing accurate cost estimates thereby controlling project progress, budgeting and fund management a simple affair.

Project Monitoring

This solution has been developed to aid the business owners to monitor the project wise cash flow by enabling them to reach the milestone in time.

Developed Magento based ecommerce portal and drupal based corporate website for Rupa and Macroman

Employee intranet &integrated office software for all the non-transactional aspects of Vikram Solar’s business

Developed Drupal based corporate portals for all business units of RBA Ferro