About Us

Megatherm Group was founded by Mr. S B Chanda, a very renowned professional in Metal Heating & Melting Equipment Manufacturing Technology. Over the past 25 years, Megatherm Group has made its presence felt across steel, foundry, forging and power sectors serving over 5,500 organisations in 40+ countries across the globe with a turnover of nearly 100 million USD and staff strength of 300+ Professionals.

In the long journey of 26 years of complex and mission critical manufacturing we have faced and overcome many pain areas relating to automation and software requirements. When we started our journey there were hardly any readymade IT solutions for engineering and manufacturing industries and after so many years the situation has not improved much. So we had to build our own roads as the journey progressed. This has given us the opportunity to learn and build. Today we can boast of having an industry knowledge which helps us to run our business in a state of the art environment.

Megatherm ITS was formed in the year 2015 as per our MD’s vision to share our experience and knowledge across the industry and help other industries derive the benefit of our domain knowledge and experience. We are the IT business wing of Megatherm Group. Megatherm ITS is an SAP Partner and provides large gamut of services in ERP implementation, custom application development, e-commerce, portal solutions, hybrid application development, mobile apps, IoT & BI solutions to diverse large and medium clients across the globe.

Currently we are a strong team of 60+ people, whose goal is to help our customer achieve a robust IT infrastructure so that they can concentrate in their core business without having sleepless nights concerning about IT.