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Staying profitable consistently while growing

Retaining guaranteed business

Meeting your end customers complicated needs

Manage your cash flow efficiently

Enhance your investments in infrastructure & human resource

Skyrocket your company’s profit
with white labelling services from remote experts of MegathermITS and achieve results just in 24 hours.

We have diverse skills for Agencies and IT Service Providers

As an Agency/IT Services Company Owner, you want to grow the size of your business but have to face continuous obstacles like:

Finding trusted and competent partners

Many a times you will find that your efficient sales machinery is generating enough sales opportunities for your business or your loyal and satisfied customers are willing to offer you an opportunity which is complicated, challenging and profitable and based on cutting edge technology. But you are unable to make a killing because you are already burdened with existing tasks and commitments. Even if you find the proposition is too tempting to let go your existing capacity doesn’t allow you to tread into newer territories or greener fields. In this process you are losing guaranteed profitable sales and new customers. Most importantly your image as a technology company takes a hit if you cannot support your customers in new business critical endeavours based on new technologies.

All these can be addressed if you can develop a partner eco system that is reliable, dependable, technically sound, systematic, process oriented, on time, quality conscious and economically viable.

These are primarily the reasons why CIOs of large business look forward to us to meet their needs.

Be more agile,
cash flow positive,
profitable and efficient

with the support of a remote team

If you don’t have a flexible team at your disposal then the chances are high that you are missing a lot of opportunities as your current tasks are your top most priority and hence failing to capitalize on a lot of opportunities coming your way. It also becomes challenging for you to invest in infrastructure and human resource.

Also you are not tempted to experiment on implementing projects with technologies that you do not have in your arsenal or don’t have surplus resources to implement short duration projects that aid in your cash flow.

Fortunately the easiest solution to overcome all these problems is to hire on demand talent from us. You scale up when you need and scale down when your requirements are met.

We Are Your Remote Team

Obvious Reasons to Partner With us

Total Control

We will provide with a dedicated team with a project coordinator or project manager as single point of contact. You will get access to our project monitoring tool to monitor the progress of the project in real time.

Scale Up and Down as Needed

Engage us when you need to scale up, disengage when you want to scale down. No string attached.

Time & Cost Efficiency

If there is a significant time difference between your and our time zones, you can utilise it at your advantage. Your and our team can ensure a round the clock development effort and reducing the delivery time significantly. It will be cost effective too.

Experienced & Technically Efficient Teams

We hire experienced and best of the class resources. We encourage our resources to update and upgrade to stay competitive in the market. We devote a considerable time, effort and money on training and certification. As our partner you will be able to reap that benefit and have access to the latest cutting edge technologies without paying anything extra.

Best Breed of Processes

Avoiding wasted expenses

We Guarantee You About

No shoddy
work & sloppy developer

A free, no obligation
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of your project

Cheaper than your
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