Business One

Megatherm ITS is having a proven experience in understanding of client objectives and ability to guide them through complex change processes. We are uniquely prepared to meet the ERP consulting needs of your related IT-projects by involving our best-of-breed tools and skilled resources hereby enabling us to provide a consolidated, end-to-end focus for your IT systems.

Client Challenges

  • Lots of different software for different processes
  • The software are not connected to each other
  • Multiple information entry
  • Don’t have easy access to business information
  • Accounting takes longer and is more difficult
  • Sales and customer experience are suffering
  • Not all business processes are getting automated
  • Costly IT maintenance and upgrade costs
  • Difficult to enhance existing systems
  • Inoperability issues across locations
  • Growth and capacity planning
  • Compliance
  • Increase user interaction


What Megatherm ITS Can Do:

Megatherm ITS has proven expertise in implementation and supporting wide range of business solutions based on SAP Business One

To address to the dynamic client requirements across diverse industry segments, Megatherm ITS offers clients with Customization and Implementation Services, as an integrated offering. Our SAP Business one team comprises of Functional Experts, Product Specialist, Technologists and Project Managers who make sure that each implementation is a success. Studying client’s business processes, mapping to designated ERP functionality, customizing and implementing the solution and transitioning operations to the new system are all mission critical tasks for us. Understanding, streamlining and automating your business is our business.

Our SAP Business One Competency


  • Consulting
  • Business Case Preparation
  • Implementation Strategy and Plan
  • Business Process Re-architecting
  • SAP Business One Landscape Optimization
  • Health Check & Diagnosis
  • License Services


  • Implementation
  • Re-Implementation
  • SAP Business One Enhancements
  • SAP Business One SDK – Megatherm ITS Add-ons/ Vertical Solutions
  • Customization
  • Mobile solutions
  • SAP Business One to SAP All in one/ECC 6.0 Integration
  • SAP Business One to SAP Business One Integration
  • SAP Business One to 3rd Party Tools Integration
  • BI & Reporting Solutions for SAP Business One
  • SAP® HANA – The latest SAP’s In-Memory offering for high-end, high-performance business analytics hitherto unmatched by any standards.


  • Post Go-Live support
  • Release Upgrades
  • Audit
  • Support Services
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Interfaces


  • Migration to SAP Business One from other ERP
  • Interface with SAP All in One/ECC in an eco-system model
  • Principal + Dealer
  • Principal + Distributor + Dealer
  • Principal + Branch + Distributor + Dealer
  • HQ + Subsidiaries

Industry Verticals Experience of Our Team:

  • Manufacturing
  • Iron & Steel
  • Aluminium Extrusions
  • Casting
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Plastic
  • Designer Product,
  • Gems & Jewellery
  • Agro
  • Dairy

SAP Business One Add-ons

MegathermITS has developed a number of complementary solutions / Add-ons which extend the power of SAP Business One, they are:

  • Discrete Manufacturing (Process Manufacturing)
  • Subcontracting
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Purchase & Sales Amendment & Scheduling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Inventory BIN Stock Take Management
  • Payroll – India Localization

The solutions which have been developed are based on the industry best practice requirement of specific industry vertical like Manufacturing, Gems & Jewellery, Assembly, Engineering & Operations, Industrial Machinery & Components, Consumer Products, Wholesale & Distribution, Logistics Service Provider, Retail, Trading & EPC Industry & Dairy Verticals.

A) Discrete Manufacturing

The solution takes care of the process manufacturing and complex manufacturing with capacity planning. It takes care of the stage wise production process determining the production loss or gains at every point. The various features which are incorporated within this module are

  • Multiple Level Bill of Material
  • Operation Master
  • Process Routing/Component Routing
  • Semi-Finished Production Transfer
  • Material Rejection
  • Daily Production Entry

B) Sub-Contracting

This complementary solution keeps track of the inventory and the subcontracted job order phases and consequently maintaining the financial consequences. It processes the entire planning from the processing of Job Order to receipt of Subcontracting GRN and managing the return and rejections. The various features available are as follows:

  • Conversion Master
  • Job Order/Job Order Amendment
  • Delivery Challan/Subcontracting GRN
  • Return and Rejection from Sub-Contractor.

C) Plant Maintenance

This complementary solution is specifically tweaked to the requirements of the manufacturing segment where the company manages the throughput of the machines and keeps track of daily maintenance activities performed on the machines. Here the user can keep track of plant wise machinery details and its configuration with the historical knowledge base.

The various features are available:

  • Machine Master/Plant Master
  • Rejection Master
  • Preventive Maintenance Checklist
  • Activity Schedules
  • Activities Carried Out
  • Fuel & Power Consumption

D) Quality Check

This complementary solution enables an organization to do a quality check on the parameters defined based on which the test takes place. This quality checks derives a high quality production from the production floor and doing an inspection before receiving the goods or moving the goods out of the inventory.

  • Parameter Master
  • Quality Control plan
  • Incoming Material Inspection
  • Stage wise Reduction
  • Final Inspection Entry

E) Purchasing and Sales

The base product of SAP comprises of basic sales and purchase flow of information which is common to various industry verticals. Understanding the various industry requirements, various additional features and functionality has been incorporated within the purchase and sales process like the Purchase & Sales Scheduling which is based on Open Orders. The features provided are:

  • Gate Pass Management
  • Internal Indenting
  • Open Sales Order
  • Sales Order Amendment
  • Sales Delivery Schedule
  • Sales Supplementary Billing
  • Open Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Amendment
  • Supply Schedule
  • Supply Amendment

F) Inventory BIN Stock Take Management

Large business houses which has multiple warehouses and keep all the materials whose locations are segregated by Locational ID for easy identification can be done through Inventory Bin Stock Take Management. Every item has unique Locational code within a warehouse known as BIN. With the help of BINs the system gives an extra edge for easy picking of items for delivery from the warehouse. It enables the organization to do a structured stock taking based on BIN location which helps to derive the right stock variances.

G) Payroll Management

Payroll is not available with the base product of any ERP solution as it differs based on the localization. Payroll developed is mainly based on Indian Localization. This is a complementary solution which is integrated with the base model of SAP Business One giving out an one window coverage in generating Pay-slips, calculating salary, deducting and calculating leaves and managing employer’s and employee’s benefits like ESI, PF, Holidays, Gratuity Disbursement, Over-time details, TDS and Leave Details, Reimbursement details with Full and Final Settlements. All the relevant reports related to the payroll management have been adhered to the standards of Indian Localization.